Friday, May 30, 2008

Blue Sky Living - c'est fini

Apologies to regular readers who have logged on for an update in the last week, but I have been working in rather un-provencal fashion - up at 6.30am, a black coffee fuelled morning, and a red-bull charged afternoon, by the time I slumped into bed my whole body was shaking from the caffeine and the list of things to do the next day that was rumbling through my head.

It all reminded me of being a London lawyer.

And the reason for all this angst? Well as of this morning, the first edition of Blue Sky Living was officially finished. The new lifestyle magazine for the Luberon and Les Alpilles will be rolling off the press shortly.

Meanwhile in the Luberon it has being raining. Usually the locals love tormenting the tourists with their attitude towards rain. They smile and explain that the region desperately needs rain content in the knowledge that the sun will come out soon. Only it hasn't. Thunder storm after thunder storm has rolled through the mountains and finally the smile has been wiped of people's faces, all the talk of how great the rain is has vanished. Instead everyone has been glum, except perhaps me - I have been too wired to be glum.

On a cheerier note.....the paper back of La Vie en Rose is published this week in the UK. The book looks great and has apparently made it into great positions in all the bookshops.

Copies of Blue Sky Living will probably reach people who are on the mailing list by mid-June...for anyone else who would like a copy it's not too late, just send me your address and I will put you on the list.

Meanwhile if you are coming to Provence next week - like my brother - pack an umbrella.