Thursday, October 25, 2007

Things to do while waiting for a baby

Part 1. (Hopefully there will be no Part 2)

The English due date has now passed and the French one (babies take one week longer to cook in France) is this weekend, but still we wait. Since we live in the middle of the field there is not much to divert us.

Star Academy - the French version of the X-Factor is fast becoming our favourite TV show, and last night we watched a rerun of Cool Runnings a programme about the Jamaican Olympic Bobsleigh team. As I said things are getting desperate..…

Here’s a sample of a serious conversation from today:

“What shall we do now?”

“We could go and get the duvet cover dry cleaned.”

So it seemed that all our Christmases had come at once when on one of our rare forays from the house we met Jesus, Spiderman and a 1920s gendarme (see pictures). Forget Cool Runnings I was tempted to invite them all round for a dinner party and then a game of charades…anything to help fill another baby less evening. The only problem was they ran away.

Spidy and co were actually part of the field of the Luberon Marathon and after all the excitement of the race it was back to the usual routine. Tomorrow we’re picking up the duvet cover, and if we are feeling adventurous we might go to the boulangerie. Any other suggestions to keep us amused are welcome….but to save you the trouble, as I write Tanya is downstairs cooking a curry and then we’re having an early night.